It is much easier now to determine the trend of the market.

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What’s SigBanc Ai ?

SigBanc Artificial Intelligence Engine is an Advisory service that enables traders of the direction of the market and its trends. Whether the trend of the market is Bullish or Bearish, The Ai gives directions and readings to nine currency pairs and the gold. It also shows the Trading Range Average Entry Strength of Signal and the Trading Ratio.

Why to Purchase this tool ?

SigBanc Ai is a premium Advisory tool that can enhance your day-trading activities and profits, Thanks to our self-learning Tools, it is giving 80+ accuracy rate (which is unique in the forex world) with an easy platform to use. It does not require extensive market knowledge in order to implement and use. The AI is a tool designated to the day-traders, money managers, market analysts and risk managers at the market-making brokers.

How it works !

The Ai Engine has a simple dashboard, easy to read and to understand.
To learn more about the readings of the Ai, Please more your mouse's cruiser over the icons and more details will be reveled

Comparison with other tools

What differentiate SigBanc Ai Engine to all of the other tools in the market is that the Ai Engine has no use of any technical or fund-amental indicators. The engine has its own special and sophisti-cated selflearning formulas that predicts the market. All of the other indicators in the market depends on several factors like (Market’s Saturation, Liquidity, Fibonacci, Support & Resistance, ABCD, Moving Average and much more). Our Unique designed system only depends on the self-learning for each currency

Profits in Pips

Traders always look for new tools that enable them to make extra profits, lots of these tools in the market can make this happen for a short period of time, what traders look for is consistency in making profits, minimum risk possible and a clear vision. Therefore, this tool had been created to nurture the needs of those eager traders. The Engine gives around 20 signals a day with an average of 50 to a 100 pips per day depending on market’s volatility, those signals are divided by 10 trading items. The accuracy is between 75% to 85% which means if all trades were correctly followed, you end up with a result of at least 350 pips per day

Licenses & Pricing

This tool can be directly purchased from by credit/debit card or though the APP & PLAY Stores. License price is $300 per user. And it’s protected by IP address.
Resellers enjoy a high discount depending on the amount of licenses they sell. And here is a table for the discounts. And the commission structure for it is recurring. Means that the Reseller would keep getting monthly commission as long as his/her clients renew their subscription

No. Of Licenses Discount List Price After Discount
1 - 10 License 0 % $ 300 $ 300
11 - 20 License 10 % $ 3,000 $ 2,700
21 - 50 License 15 % $ 6,000 $ 5,100
51 - 100 License 20 % $ 15,000 $ 12,000
101 - 1000 License 30 % $ 30,000 $ 21,000
1,001 - 2000 License 40 % $ 300,000 $ 180,000
Above 2,000 License 50 % $ 600,000 $ 300,000

Purchase License

Purchase a single license for $300 / Month by clicking on the (Purchase Button). This Ai Engine comes with 24/5 Support & Education

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